Swiss Crypto Exchange, Payment Processor Company & Platform For Sale

Complete crypto and multi-function banking services solution

Swiss Company Payments, Crypto and Multi-Function Banking Services Platform

Fully functional licensed Swiss company with working crypto payment solution platform

This is a company and for sale with an amazing multi-function crypto and payment gateway. The company is a fully licensed Swiss financial services company, authorised to operate its multi-function payment processing business platform. Its ready to go.

Platform functions:

  • Users can open IBAN accounts; send and receiving SEPA and SWIFT wire transfers, pay bills, etc.
  • Users can order Mastercard prepaid debit cards (virtual, normal and limitless). Cards can be branded, metal, etc.
  • High liquidity crypto trading. Users can buy and sell multiple cryptocurrencies. Very high volume capabilties. Other tokens can be added, including your own token and any crypto pairs
  • Instant currency exchange, major currencies.
  • Limitless user-to-user electronic money transfer.
  • Integrated secure cold storage non-custodial crypto Wallets. Hot wallets, cold storages (can add additional wallets).
  • Automated Swiss KYC system
  • Top-up by credit card or wire transfer.

What makes this Company and platform special?

  • Complete crypto to fiat solution - load crypto proceeds to card, withdraw to your other bank, money transfer crypto proceeds to another user, sell crypto and load on your IBAN bank account.
  • Hold and exchange funds in several currencies without bank account!
  • No limits on user-to-user money transfer, individual and corporate
  • Multi-currency exchange supported
  • Limitless Mastercard prepaid debit card, load with any amount
  • Very high crypto liquidity
  • All available banking and crypto functions in one licensed Swiss company and platform.
  • Very secure platform and wallet. All top security protocols
  • Very low ongoing costs
  • Advanced banking software platform.

100% Turn-key delivery:

  • Completely operational, fully integrated, and ready for takeover
  • The required Swiss resident director and the compliance officer are in place and their base responsibility is paid in advance for a year. They will stay on with the company. Purchaser can also a dd their own directors
  • The registered office address is paid in advance for a year from date of sale
  • Swiss main telephone phone number, email addresses are ready.
  • All corporate administration is in place, including the accountants, financial and compliance auditors are in place.
  • When we sell a company, we don't just disappear. In fact, this is our business, so we become long-term partners
  • Swiss software company backed. Experienced, dedicated programmers on call for tech support.


Click the following link for more information including price and software license fees (immediate access):

Initial Information (AG00215)


If you'd like to gain full access to the company data and the platform, please sign our Mutual NDA and provide proof of funds and an ID:

Sign Mutual NDA and upload POF and ID to access data room







Key Features:

Swiss made, multi-function banking servcies and cryptocurrency exchange platform

  1. Turn-key - fully integrated system with banks, debit card processing company, AML solution and more
  2. Limitless money transfer
  3. Users can order Mastercard prepaid debit cards. Limitless card too!
  4. Users can open IBAN EU bank accounts (SEPA and SWIFT protocol)
  5. Cryptocurrency trading desk (buy sell and transfer, large volume). Multiple cryptocurrencies, can add additional tokens.
  6. Currency exchange, major currencies
  7. Integrated with Swiss automated, intelligent AML-KYC system
  8. Blockchain based FIAT and cryptocurrency payment gateway solution.
  9. Mobile apps for iOS and Android included