Swiss Limitless Money Transfer/Cryptocurrency Exchange for sale, licensed company and exchange platform

Everything included, all bank accounts are included, with connection via API

Swiss Limitless Crypto Exchange & Banking Services Company for Sale

Swiss Limitless Payment Processing/Cryptocurrency Exchange/Multi-Function Banking Services Company and Platform

This is the next best thing to owning a bank. Swiss Multi-function banking services system. Swiss Licensed Limitless money transfer, IBAN accounts, incoming and outgoing wire transfers, Mastercard debit cards, cryptocurrency buy/sell and wallet and instant currency exchange. All availabe banking functions in one company/platform. This is most advanced and complete banking solution on the market, hands down.

Price: EUR 2,500,000

This is a complete turnkey setup - company and multi-function banking platform.

The company is a fully licensed Swiss financial services company, authorized to operate the multi-function platform.

Complete Swiss licensed company and Blockchain-based platform.

Turn-key delivery, with costs paid in advance for the first year:

  • Advanced Blockchain-based platform, multi-function.
  • Fully integrated with several banks for issuing customer IBAN accounts for incoming and outgoing SEPA and SWIFT wire transfers.
  • Company has a perpetual software license.
  • The required Swiss resident director and the compliance officer are in place and their base responsibility fee was paid in advance for a year. They will stay on with the company. You can also add your own directors to the company.
  • The registered office address is paid in advance for a year from date of sale.
  • Swiss main telephone phone number, email addresses
  • The financial and compliance auditors are in place
  • No regulatory or bank deposit required.
  • Ongoing software support included for one year. Dedicated programmers on call
  • Closed-loop limitless money transfer capability.

Complete with Swiss made, limitless Money Transfer, Cryptocurrencty Exchange & Banking Services Platform

  • Turn-key - fully integrated system with banks, debit card processing company, AML solution and more
  • Limitless money transfer (no limits)
  • Mastercard prepaid debit card solution. Credit card processing company integrated. Limitless card available.
  • IBAN EU bank account solution (4 banks)! No limit. Real bank accounts.
  • Cryptocurrency trading desk solution (buy sell and transfer any size transactions)
  • FOREX - Exchange currencies, has 3 currencies, but we can add up to 33 currencies
  • Precious metals OTC desk solution (buy and sell). Physical metals are held by Liechtenstein Precious Metals Group AG and can be redeemed.
  • Integrated with industry leader, GlobalPass automated, intelligent AML system.
  • Blockchain based FIAT and cryptocurrency payment gateway solution.
  • Complete merchant solution, and ability to offer merchant solution to third parties.
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android included

We can also make customisations to the platform, some included in the price if we discuss and agree in advance.

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