Swiss Trust Company for sale

Swiss Trust Company for Sale

Swiss Treuhand Companies, sometimes referred to as "Swiss Trusts" can engage in certain fiduciary, or trust services, in addition to the financial services they offer. These trust services include such services as acting escrow agent for third parties, providing bank account signatory services for third party customers globally and more.

In addition to the normal financial services, Swiss fiduciary companies can carry out the following:

  • Issue bank debit cards to customers
  • Hold securities on deposit or manage securities
  • Provide accounting services
  • Provide bank account signatory services for customers world wide
  • Accept or hold on deposit assets belonging to others and assist in the investment or transfer of such assets
  • Provide Corporate Finance Services to customers worldwide
  • And more

Swiss Trust companies also provide:

  • Safety of assets
  • Anonymity of shareholders

So, if you’re looking for a Swiss Treuhand company for sale, we can help you.

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