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Corporate services

Corporate services

Swiss corporate services:

Swiss AMF AG consists of a group with a wide experience in corporate services. Our team of experts from various fields toghether with our lawyers and trustee partners are able to provide all kinds of services in the field of corporate administration and corporate services.

We help you establish a company or foundation for business or holdings, but not only that: our team will guide you to success in all areas important to your company. Working with Swiss AMF, you become a part of our experieced group, to guide you toward long term suceess; we will be the ones who will handle all legal and corporate administration aspects of your company and its business, because it is important to have all the knowledge and necessary resources in order to not make mistakes that would cause losses.

We pride ourselves in offering our clients personalized attention and business solutions to cover all aspects involved in starting and runing a business in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and other jurisdictions.

Our group covers all areas important to your company. If you need it, we probably do it. If we don't do it, we know who does.

Here are some of our specialities. Our group has a great deal of experiece and can assist you in all of these areas and more:

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Corporate administration

Corporate administration services provided by SAMF and its partners:

In addition, Swiss AMF AG offers corporate administration and secretarial services in order to ensure that the company is compliant with all the relevant Swiss statutory obligations.

The administration, maintenance and filing of company records are the backbone of any corporate governance regime. To be done effectively, corporate administration requires experience and an understanding of the regulatory framework that applies to the organization in question.

By removing resource intensive, non-core administration activities, our corporate administration services provide our clients with the necessary support required to enable them to focus on their business in a cost-effective manner.

Our services include preparing minutes of directors and shareholders meetings, maintaining statutory records and registers of the company, handling correspondence with authorities and other third parties, arranging the notarization, certification or legalization of company documents, undertaking due diligence requirements and assisting in obtaining licenses or permits for a company to perform various business activities, if necessary.

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