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Liechtenstein company formation

Liechtenstein company formation service with bank account and pro corporate package included. Set up a holding company in Liechtenstein now!

We specialize in setting up Liechtenstein companies for foreigners. Setting up a holding company in Liechtenstein as a foreigner is easy and affordable, and has many benefits.

Liechtenstein company incorporatio requirements:

To form a Liechtenstein corporation, the company must have (1) a Liechtenstein resident director; and (2) a registered office address in Liechtenstein where the company is registered.

Price: CHF 12,500 (full package, with director and registered office - no hidden fees or costs)

Our price includes everything: (1) bank account; (2) Liechtenstein registered office address, paid up for one year; (3) the required Liechtenstein resident nominee director, with nominee fee paid up for one year; (4) notary costs; (5) legal fees and filing costs for and, for a limited time, it comes with (5) our professional corporate package (subject to availability).

Price: CHF 6,000 (if you already have a Liechtenstein resident director and registered office)

If you already have a Liechstenstein resident director and a Liechtenstein registered office, the price is CHF 6,500 and includes: (1) bank account; (2) notary costs; (3) legal fees and filing costs and, for a limited time, it comes with (4) our professional corporate package (subject to availability).

Limited time offer for FREE pro corporate package.

Est. Time frame: 4 to 5 weeks

Included with delivery (we include everything required and more):

  • bank account
  • registered office address (paid up for one full year)
  • Swiss resident nominee director (with nominee fee paid up for one full year)
  • notary costs
  • legal fees and filing costs for registration with the official Swiss company register.
  • Professional corporate package included for limited time!*

Note: the capital for a Liechtenstein AG (corporation) is CHF 100,000 of which at least CHF 50,000 must be paid into the company capital account by the shareholder(s) as a first step.

Other available services:

  • Accounting, compliance and AML solutions, financial audits, compliance audits, Liechtenstein bank account solutions, payment solutions, merchant solutions, banking service and cryptocurrency platforms, Swiss and Monaco residence permits, webmaster services, hosting, and much more.
  • Professional corporate package (CHF 3,500) - included FREE for a limited time!

Key features and benefits of Liechtenstein companies:

  • Confidentiality: Shareholders remain anonymous
  • Foreign ownership: Allowed
  • Foreign directors: Allowed
  • Foreign customers: Allowed
  • Low corporate income tax rates (12.5%)
  • Very flexible formation structure
  • Can be similar to a foundation, but with the ability to conduct commercial activities
  • Suitable for multi-generational succession planning
  • Asset protection
  • No personal liability for shareholders

We can also help you with forming a Liechtenstein foundation. The requirements are very similar to forming a new LIechtenstein company.

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8 BIG Reasons To Choose Swiss AMF For Your Liechtenstein Company Formation:

  1. we have vast experience in Liechtenstein holding company formation
  2. we guarantee sucess
  3. bank account included
  4. No hidden fees. Others only quote their fee, and don’t mention other requirement costs, like the required Liechtestein resident director or registered office costs. We provide everything, with the costs paid up for one year in advance
  5. Foreign shareholder? No problem. We specialize in setting up companies in LIechtenstein for foreign shareholders.
  6. for a very limited time, we are including our professional corporate package which comes with a custom designed corporate website and corporate email setup FREE! (please ask if still available).
  7. we provide all other corporate services you might need (see below)
  8. Even with all this, our price is still the lowest around!